'Am I' is the Berlin based jazz and blues trio’s highly anticipated first studio album - after the previous live album ‚Live at Oxident‘ had been released in 2007.

Yet the fans of the trio’s traditionally made acoustic music found it more than worth waiting for. ‘Am I’ was recorded live in only two days in the living room of a long-time fan who let the trio use his exquisite Bechstein grand piano.

Out of this intimate and private atmosphere emerged an album portraying the outstanding musical talent of pianist Chris Szachnowski (Poland) and of the extraordinary saxophone player Joe Kucera (Czech Republic). Simone Reifgerste needs no introduction - her one of a kind voice is as unique as it is thrilling and soothing at the same time.

Listening to 'Am I' , you are immediately surrounded by the magic of the wee hours of the morning… a last glass of wine may have just been put down… while the wall clock gently ticks away the time in the background…

On 'Am I’ Reifegerste Trio not only delivers jazz and blues classics in their unique and impressively simple style; the way they also present it at their concerts -  'Am I’ also has some surprises in store: Gentle hues of electronic sound pearls, carefully recorded and mixed in Simone Reifegerste’s very own Backyard Princess Studios in Berlin.

... or listen on YouTube ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4Y3vByWuQw&list=PLkHwp_fqu5wFjShjbe74Uxl8R0Hrjc8krhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4Y3vByWuQw&list=PLkHwp_fqu5wFjShjbe74Uxl8R0Hrjc8krshapeimage_1_link_0

Reifegerste Trio – official / Simone Reifegerste-voc., Joe Kučera-sax, flute,voc &Vladimír Strnad-piano.

Berlin and Prague based Reifegerste Trio have created their very own classy (and sometimes classic) jazz style through their special performances and compositions. On stage, the trio's soulful interpretations of jazz, blues and even pop classics enchanted audiences everwhere.