AS TIME GOES BY is the latest creation of Berlin-based jazz and blues Reifegerste Trio. Once again, everybody was set for another cozy and classy recording deep in the woods:  Studio Forstmehren, located in the ‚Westerwald’ countryside has become the go-to place for sensitive analogue recording greatness and that unique natural ambience this very urban Trio loves so much. The result is another stunning and intensely pure album, full of classics and magical experiments alike. As raw, honest and direct as you can possibly imagine, AS TIME GOES BY puts the listener right in the middle of the recording session. You can almost touch Simone, Joe and Vladimír while they play their tunes with an incredible amount of warmth. Simones unique timbre embraces you ever so gently, Joe’s soft tone leads the way to the last drink and Vladimír tells the story of this night in black and white until even the voice of his piano becomes a mere whisper…

AS TIME GOES BY is set for a CD release in june 2023 and will be presented live at numerous concerts and festivals in Germany and the Czech Republic in june, july and november. The november 2023 dates will celebrate the release of the vinyl version of AS TIME GOES BY.'


Reifegerste Trio – official / Simone Reifegerste-voc., Joe Kučera-sax, flute,voc &Vladimír Strnad-piano.

Berlin and Prague based Reifegerste Trio have created their very own classy (and sometimes classic) jazz style through their special performances and compositions. On stage, the trio's soulful interpretations of jazz, blues and even pop classics enchanted audiences everwhere.